April 6th Meeting Minutes

Here are the meeting minutes for April 6th 2014:

Mack Park Picnic- We will be having a Sigma Tau Delta Picnic/Tie-Dyeing on Sunday, April 13th from 12-3 PM at Mack Park. We will meet at the HUB Circle at 11:45 AM, if you need a ride/help carrying picnic-like foods! A sign-up was sent around during the meeting to see who would be able to make it/bring something to share with everyone. We will also be announcing Bigs and Littles at the Picnic! So, please try to be there, Bigs and Littles!

Side Note: We will supply the dye, rubber bands, etc., but you need to bring a shirt (or anything of the like), if you would like to tie-dye! Also, you may bring a friend, or two from outside of Sigma Tau Delta, just not everyone you know!

Q & A: Getting into Grad School- We will be hosting another Q&A panel on Thursday, April 24th at 7 PM in Stabley 210. It would be highly recommended that you make an appearance, especially if you plan to go on to graduate school, or have not been to another Q&A this semester! Learn about the process from both a professor and student perspective!

Induction Ceremony- We will be having our formal induction ceremony on Saturday, April 26th at some point in the afternoon, in a TBD location! Watch out for updates on Facebook/Email about more specifics! Remember: Dress for this event is Business Casual (No Jeans)! Bigs must have their Induction gifts to give their Littles at the Induction Ceremony!

English Honor Ceremony- The annual English Honor Ceremony will be on Sunday, April 27th at 1 PM until approximately 3:30 PM in the Sutton Blue Room. Members are to be there at 11:30 AM in order to get things ready for the Ceremony! We had a sign-up sheet for jobs that need done pre-ceremony and/or during the ceremony. Watch for an Email or Facebook update about any jobs that still may need covered and/or to remind you of what you volunteered to do! This event is also Business Casual.


The meeting wrapped up with the new members seeing how well they could name all of the members of Sigma Tau Delta, who were in attendance!


Check Facebook/Email for any more updates!


March 23rd Meeting Minutes

Here are the Meeting Minutes from Sunday, March 23rd:

EAPSU Debriefing- Thank you to everyone who was able to help with the Conference, Performance Contest, and/or Cosplay Dance on March 13th! We talked about making the entire process more organized and structured, if we were to ever do something like this again.  Committees only sort of worked out.  In the future, we will look to form a more structured system of working with the committees, so that everyone knows exactly what to do and what the other committees are doing as well.  But, we did make $200 at the bake sale during the Performance/Cosplay Dance! So, that is a stellar thing to keep around!

Academic Expo- March 29th (Zack Merritt) and April 26th (Dana Formaini).  Emily talked about what goes on at these events and what to talk about while there. Basically, this is a good way to get our name out there!  So, that’s that.

Big and Little Program Review- Applications are due next Sunday, March 30th.  Information and pairing will be out in the weeks to follow! Check Facebook because we have a downloadable application there right now!

Graduation Cords- Ordering the graduation cords later this week or next, but if you do not reply to the email before Friday, you will not be getting a cord.  So, you should probably email Emily if you are planning to graduate this May! They’re pretty rad cords, too.

Bowling Night- Meeting at the HUB Circle at 8:30 PM Tuesday, March 25th for 80’s Night!  Sigma Tau Delta will cover the cost of the game, but you will have to bring money for shoes ($1 for shoes)!

Pie A Prof- We discussed whether or not to do the fundraiser again.  Emily brought up an interesting twist that had been suggested to her.  Students will get their name entered in to be the “pie-er” of the professor they are putting their dollars toward.  The more money a student puts toward “pie-ing” a professor the more chances he or she gets to do the “pie-ing”.  Every dollar is another name entered in to be the “pie-er”.  You get the picture!  You will see more information about this on Facebook soon.  Dates for collecting money will be discussed as well.  We will get a better sense of whether or not to actually do the fundraiser through a poll of some sort on Facebook.

English Honor Ceremony- Emily will be working with Dr. Sell to organize the ceremony a little more effectively.  As we discussed last year’s ceremony, we agreed upon it being extremely long and tedious.  We thought that having a ‘RSVP’ style check-in at the door would make the ceremony flow more effectively.  Instead of reading off names of students who were not present, we would focus on those who were actually at the ceremony and thus eliminating the empty space between awards.  We also talked about possibly prioritizing the awards.  You know, like the Academy Awards.  Nobody really wants to sit through a ceremony all afternoon.  On top of the awards, we agreed that honoring the different English organizations throughout the department would be a neat idea, too.  The date for the Ceremony is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, April 27th.  We will have more specifics after we get more information from Dr. Sell.

The meeting wrapped up with the members and officers signing Thank-You cards for the professors and other people in the English Department who have shown tremendous support for Sigma Tau Delta this year!


IMPORTANT: Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 6th in the Writing Center!

Also, Check the Facebook Group for Important Dates and Upcoming Events!

Meeting Minutes: Jan. 26 2014

Hello all and welcome back! With the start of this semester we have even more changes to talk about!

As covered in the last meeting we talked about:

– Fewer meetings on the whole this semester

– No meeting this Sunday February 2nd… It’s the Superbowl!

– Your dues for this semester are due by the 9th of February (only $20!)

-Officer elections are being held now through the ninth, if you are interested send in an e-mail


Meeting Minutes: Oct. 20, 2013

Here’s what you missed this past meeting!

Upcoming Dates

TONIGHT: RSVP for National Conference
Tomorrow: IUP’s Writing Center & Writing Across the Curriculum sponsoring #write2connect drawing
This Wednesday: Pumpkins due to Kelly in the office (and post to Facebook!)

Sunday, Oct. 27: Next meeting
Monday, Oct. 28: Conference submissions close
Sunday, Nov. 3, 5:30: Ambassadors Alumni Networking Dinner – RSVP tonight!
Weds. Nov. 6, 4:30: Pie a Prof culminating event (tentative!)

Sunday, Nov. 17: Induction ceremony for new members and announcing officer positions (voting in February 2014)


The Writing Center is looking for applications for next year – sophomores and juniors, submit applications now!

Emailing prospective students: NCTE has the English Ed prospies covered, let’s do the BAs. Three volunteers needed, I’ll contact you later in the week with the names and emails of our high school students.

One last social event! It’s up to you. Possible ideas: a NaNoWriMo event, ice skating, a movie night

Do you want me to forward job opportunities to the group? I’ve gotten a few, and you might be interested in them?



Attendance is mandatory and we are taking attendance. You’re allowed up to three absences. We don’t need documentation or proof for these absences, although you should try to tell us if you’re planning to miss a meeting.

Meeting Minutes, Oct. 13th, 2013

Announcements from Meeting:

  • The “Pie a Professor” fundraiser begins Monday, Oct 14th, and runs until early November.  The specific date and time of the actual Pie a Professor event will be determined and announced at a later time.  Each member of Sigma Tau Delta must get a marked envelope from Nick, in which they must each raise $20 in donations for the fundraiser.  All donated money must be placed in a designated box in Leonard 110, in envelopes labeled with the professor’s name.   Check your e-mail for details about the fundraiser from Nick.
  • If you got a pumpkin from Yarnick’s farm this Saturday and would like to decorate it for the English department, you need to bring the pumpkin to Kelly’s desk in the room 110 of Leonard by next week.  You can take a photo of your pumpkin and post it on the Sigma Tau Delta Facebook page to receive a very small prize from the chapter!  The picture with the most likes will win.

Upcoming Deadlines and Events:

  • Anyone planning to attend the Sigma Tau Delta international convention this spring must inform Emily or Lindsey of their interest at the next general meeting this Sunday, October 20th.
  • We will be holding a convention paper workshop session at the general meeting this Sunday, so if you are going to the convention and would like to get some feedback on your paper before you submit it, be sure to bring a copy for peer-review.
  • The deadline for all 2014 Sigma Tau Delta convention paper submissions is October 28th at 11:59pm CTS.  You can submit your paper online here.
  • The next IUP Academic Expo is Saturday, November 16th.  Olivia McBride is currently signed up to attend the Expo this day.
  • Sigma Tau Delta’s induction ceremony will take place during our regular meeting time on Sunday, November 17th, from 8:00-9:00pm in the Allegheny room.

Meeting Minutes: Sept. 29, 2013

Here’s what you missed in this past week’s meeting if you weren’t able to make it:

-We started a sign-in sheet, as the bylaws state you may only have 3 misses a semester for meetings, went over attendence policy

-We did an Ice Breaker so everyone got to know everyone, name, year, major, worst Ice Breaker experience, some good stuff here

-Yarnick’s Pumpkin Fest is Oct. 12th

-Next meeting Oct. 13th is in the Library Room 210 at our normal time of 8pm

-Monday Oct. 14th our fundraising for pie a prof. begins

Due to Homecoming there is NO meeting this Sunday Oct. 6th!

Meeting Minutes: Sept. 22, 2013

Here are the things that you missed if you weren’t able to come to our last meeting:

Bigs Training:

  • If you applied to be a big and were not able to come to tonight’s training, e-mail the Vice President, Lindsey Quakenbush, at ZCNR@iup.edu.


  • Academic Expos on Oct. 12th and Oct. 16th, 10:45am-2:00pm.  We still need more volunteers, please contact Emily if you are available.
  • Homecoming T-Shirt sales from Oct. 1-4, the week before homecoming.  Please attend our next meeting to sign up to sell during the week.


  • All chapter dues and induction fees are due at next week’s meeting, Sunday Sept. 29th.  Chapter dues for active members are $20.  New members must also submit their one-time induction fee of $40 in addition to their $20 chapter dues (in other words, new members must pay a total of $60 this Sunday).
  • Deadline for submitting Little applications is Sunday, Sept. 29th.

Upcoming Events:

  • Dr. Carse’s Memorial Service: 5:00pm-7:00pm, Wednesday, Sept. 25th, Blue Room, Sutton Hall.  Please attend if you can.
  • Pumpkinfest at Yarnick’s Farm: Saturday, Oct. 12th, 11:00am-1:00pm.  Bigs and Littles pairings will be announced.
  • Sunday Oct. 13th: “What to do with a BA in English” Panel, in Stapleton or Stabley Library (specific location TBD)

Discussion of common reader for the Sigma Tau Delta international convention, We the Animals by Justin Torres.

Meeting Minutes: Sept. 15, 2013

If you were unable to make this past week’s meeting here’s what you missed:

-English Department meet and greet Thurday Sept 19th @5pm til 7pm

-Common Reader:We the animals by Justin Torres

-Next Sunday

-Big(for the bigs/little frat stuff Bigs only!) Crash course at 7:40pm before the general meeting at 8pm

-Bring your own topping for waffles at our next meeting (Eicher hall Writing center 8pm Sept. 22)

-Dues and applications

Meeting Minutes: Sept. 8, 2013

If you missed this week’s meeting here’s what happened:

Sigma Tau Delta hosted a meet and greet in Leonard Lounge (Rm 113).

We had a great time with free pizza and refreshments and the officers were introduced.

There was a bit of mingling and 22 prospective members showed up.

Important dates:

Spooky scavenger Hunt Friday sept. 13th

September 15th, meeting at 8pm in the Writing Center (Eicher Hall)

Hope to see you next week!

Meeting Minutes: Sept. 1, 2013

Welcome back everyone to another great school year!

Here’s what happenede at the last meeting:

-Introduced the new officers

-Went over set Goals for the semester/year

-Budget & finance

-Member opinions on committees

-And then finished with opening the floor to member ideas

Dates to remember:

Next Sunday’s meeting is at Leonard Lounge, a meet and greet! 🙂 (September 8, 2013)

Spooky Scavenger Hunt is Friday the 13th (Sept.)

Also something new this year we have a Common Reader that everyone is encouraged to read!

We the Animals by Justin Torres